Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Mahan-eria syndrome

One of the drawbacks of being an Indian is that we are never satisfied with the praise of our own people. So whenever we are praised by our own people, immediately we start thinking of what's next for me. Can I now become the ultimate moral balance of the sub-continent, and get praise from unknown quarters preferably across the border. After all isn't that the ultimate test of my "mahanta". Can I now become the ultimate arbiter and people of both countries start looking up to me as the biggest and best from the Sub-continent. Can I be a world leader and not merely the leaders of people who are anyways praising me. To that end what should be my next step towards me becoming Lord Buddha.
If these questions affect you and you are a leader well praised in India then you'll definitely find yourself at the doorsteps of Pakistan doing something out of normal. This will also involve taking Indians for granted and making statements that is music to the other side. Indeed when you are inflicted by Mahaneria you don't seem to believe there is an other side. We are on the same side might be the best thing that makes up your belief structure. Biggest and the mightiest have fallen for it. So if you suffer from one, you are not alone, but alongside distinguished people like Gandhiji, Nehru, A B Vajpayee, L K Advani and lesser mortals like Sudheendra Kulkarni, MS Aiyer and latest addition to that esteemed group, Ved prakash Vaidik
Indeed there was no reason for L K Advani to venture into Pakistan and start making statements that Jinnah had made but never implemented while he was with India. Indeed there was no reason for Nehru to accept plebiscite in Kashmir. Indeed there was no reason for Vaidik to offer joint control of Kashmir unless he was really suffering from Mahaneria. Who is he to offer anything? What I found surprising is not that he was talking to hardened extremists from across the  border, but the manner in which he was offering Kashmir solution to the people across the border.
There is no need of people who want to become Mahan to handle this issue. This issue can best be tackled only by people who are pragmatic and understand Pakistan through the prism of reality. There is no solution of Kashmir in the current context. A solution can emerge only when context changes. Till then all those who think that Nobel peace prize is the only thing stopping them from Buddhahood should keep their hands off from both Pakistan and Kashmir.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Trojen Horse

How did the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government lose the 2004 election? After all he did such splendid work. How was it that Atalji & Advaniji did not know the under currents? There are many reasons cited for this.. They all are true in some proportions (except India Shining..). But there was also this one thing that NDA-1 did not see. It thought that it had co-opted the Leftist industry. That a few trips to neighboring country.. that a few iftaar parties.. that a few Kashmir-insaniyat ventures would make them closer to a set of "opinion makers" .. and where will the core supporters go? Isn't it our duty to channelize their view point. Remember their core team member of the strategy team was Sudheendra Kulkarni... He can be a hero of a guilt ridden team of right. But that never happened in reality. In reality Congress President developed a wonderful network of closet Lefties, NGO-activitsts, would be NACians along with traditional M&M (LNWMM). So many 2002 CDs were made. A silent hate campaign was running as under current... nobody saw.. This was good enough to just cross the BJP by 7 seats. The core supporters of BJP- many even didn't bother to vote as they saw them winning even without their vote (This was the impression given by BJP leadership).
In the end, everyone combined with all their might. Remember the first things they did? Removed all NDA appointees. Why? No.. Not because they were NDA appointees. But because a network of LNWMM had to be established. Those who were supposedly close to Vajpayee, began showing their true colors. Their patronage got exposed and BJP loked like a party checkmated from every side.
So when news got released of IB reporting of NGOs, it was a classic case of identifying the trojen horses. Just keep an eye.. don't drop your guard... Expose their interest. But this is only a work which has started... it needs so much work.. If LNWMM network has to be broken, a parallel system needs to stand.
One of the many Litmus Questions: Can BJP resist the temptation of giving a Bharat Ratna to Amartya Sen like figure? or more so.. if you give Bharat Ratna to Amartya Sen because of Nobel, can you give it to V S Naipaul?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secularists always win!

2002 just after the unfortunate riots
Secularists - Modi has called for an early election. People in India are Secular. He will be rejected.
Result - Modi Wins the election but Secularists did not lose
Seclarists Response - "Modi got less than 50% of the votes. Majority of the people do not like him. We win."
Before 2007 election
Secularists - Modi will lose as everyone - Patel, Kshatriya, Muslims, Adivasi, Farmers, VHP, RSS etc are all against him. Nobody likes a dictator and remember the development record of Hitler... Thats why congress Chief ministers don't do anything... No development means you are not Hitler atleast. Moreover India is Secular.

Result - Modi wins again but how could our secularists lose.
Secularist Response - "Modi has won but BJP has lost"

2012 BJP Presidentship
Secularists - BJP cannot make him President. He is not acceptable to whole of India. India is Secular.
Result - Modi becomes President of BJP
Secularist response - "This is like Reichstag Fire. Country will not be the same"

This is exactly what will not happen. Country will remain same. BJP might improve in some respects.

2014 General Elections
Secularists - Modi can't be PM candidate. He has no chance to win. India is Secular country
Result - Modi leads BJP to victory. BJP is single largest party

Secularist Response - "See, he did not get 272 seats. It was so obvious. India is a Secular country"

Even if he gets 272 on his own (unlikely) Secularists would still win. That is the pattern. If SIT reports says that there is no evidence against him then there is a Raju Ramchandran report for our secularists. If Nanavati Commision sets him free there is a Mukherjee commission for them. If Gujarat grows in double digits it is not because of any Government Policy but if India grows by 7 per cent then we have a dream team of economists to take the credit. (Manmohan-Montek-Chidambram constituted the dream team as they never made reforms a reality). If Modi fasts it is repentance, if he eats food he does not even apologize. If he talks to Patnaik and JayLalita then he uses this opportunity to gain acceptability, if he doesn't talk to them then no one knows him out of Gujarat anyways. If he talks of Army-Govt tussle and how Govt should restore confidence of Indians then he is fishing in troubled waters if he doesn't speak on issue of national importance he is a regional leader. If he wins Gujarat he is regional leader but if Rahul Gandhi draws a blank in his home state then he is a national leader. If he wins democratically he is a dictator, if he does a sadbhavna program in each district then he is just trying to change his dictatorial image. If he opposed NCTC as against Federal spirit, then he is stopping an anti-terror mechanism but if the centre stops his GUJCOC then centre is well within their rights in stopping the abuse of power by Gujarat Govt.
It is an endless list. Secularists always win and Narendra Modi always loses no matter who wins.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Settings unlimited

In the much better days of Indira Gandhi, when as it happens in a perfect democracy, there was almost no opposition, Congress was busy 'Setting' whatever little opposition it had. So Set the opposition by sending them to jail or Set Punjab through Bhindranwale, Set the industry through excessive controls, Set the media by accepting them on their payrolls (so that when time comes they may crawl when asked to bend) etc etc etc.

What is most intriguing is how, almost 30 years later, Congress is still the same. They are trying to 'Set' the Anna Hazare movement. Anna is probably aware what he is up against. It is not so much corruption as the arrogance of some that they have 'Set' bigger things in past.

Kudos to Anna Hazare for performing the dare devilery of appreciating Modi and Nitish!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dossier Diplomacy

Ever since I was told that India has given eleventh dossier to Pakistan, I am wondering what would they have in eleventh which was different then say tenth or even say the preceding ones. Someone is specialising in making better word document. By improving the quality of word document each time, they want to impress upon the Pakistan of their MS Word skills.

It is not a trivial art. Remember Sharm-al-Sheikh. People said it was drafting error. So Indian Govt has now seriously taken up the exercise of plugging this loop hole. I would even recommend Dossier Academies. The best of minds should be employed in making even better word documents.

For countries which limit their options to either Dossier or War, Dossier is the only option. They may have missiles, army, America, China, intent, ideology, Will etc but we have Dossiers.

Bomb them with dossiers and bore them to defeat!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Arjun Singh ensured Anderson's escape from India. If I had not read a little bit of newspaper I would have thought that Arjun Singh was the Prime Minister of India in 1984. Also I am asking my friends how does United States apply pressure directly to a Chief Minister. I have not got any answer except that it can happen when Congress is ruling at center as well as in state. If then, some Gandhi is the PM (or Super PM) then US can apply direct pressure to state governments.

But I would have loved if they had applied their best last resort - It was a state issue!

In that case - I told my friend - only case when a Gandhi would be responsible is when a Gandhi is Prime Minister and another Gandhi a CM.
No then also they'll be safe - he retorted - as then it will be a zila problem... a Kasba problem and so on.

But advantage is not all lost for Family. Lets not doubt the fathomless kindness of Lady bounty. Once thing settle down a little more, some compensation will be given to all victims under RGRP - Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Program.
Finally, if the victims get something we shouldn't complain. Better late than never...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The hidden logic

Let me summarize Congress argument on Amitabh. They assume they have logic so we can take the liberty of using Syllogism.

Amitabh is brand ambassador of Gujarat
Modi is CM of Gujarat (and a good one too!)
Therefore Amitabh is Brand Ambassador of Modi.

Extending the Syllogism -

Amitabh promotes tourism for Gujarat.
Amitabh is a brand ambassador of Modi (concluded above)
Therefore Amitabh promotes tourism for Modi.

So more and more people would flock to Gujarat to see Modi. Now it has started making sense.

I would myself like to spend one of my holidays in Modi-tourism!