Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Mahan-eria syndrome

One of the drawbacks of being an Indian is that we are never satisfied with the praise of our own people. So whenever we are praised by our own people, immediately we start thinking of what's next for me. Can I now become the ultimate moral balance of the sub-continent, and get praise from unknown quarters preferably across the border. After all isn't that the ultimate test of my "mahanta". Can I now become the ultimate arbiter and people of both countries start looking up to me as the biggest and best from the Sub-continent. Can I be a world leader and not merely the leaders of people who are anyways praising me. To that end what should be my next step towards me becoming Lord Buddha.
If these questions affect you and you are a leader well praised in India then you'll definitely find yourself at the doorsteps of Pakistan doing something out of normal. This will also involve taking Indians for granted and making statements that is music to the other side. Indeed when you are inflicted by Mahaneria you don't seem to believe there is an other side. We are on the same side might be the best thing that makes up your belief structure. Biggest and the mightiest have fallen for it. So if you suffer from one, you are not alone, but alongside distinguished people like Gandhiji, Nehru, A B Vajpayee, L K Advani and lesser mortals like Sudheendra Kulkarni, MS Aiyer and latest addition to that esteemed group, Ved prakash Vaidik
Indeed there was no reason for L K Advani to venture into Pakistan and start making statements that Jinnah had made but never implemented while he was with India. Indeed there was no reason for Nehru to accept plebiscite in Kashmir. Indeed there was no reason for Vaidik to offer joint control of Kashmir unless he was really suffering from Mahaneria. Who is he to offer anything? What I found surprising is not that he was talking to hardened extremists from across the  border, but the manner in which he was offering Kashmir solution to the people across the border.
There is no need of people who want to become Mahan to handle this issue. This issue can best be tackled only by people who are pragmatic and understand Pakistan through the prism of reality. There is no solution of Kashmir in the current context. A solution can emerge only when context changes. Till then all those who think that Nobel peace prize is the only thing stopping them from Buddhahood should keep their hands off from both Pakistan and Kashmir.


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